Frequently Asked Questions

Dentist Frequently Asked Questions

Network Participation

Q. How do I become a participating dentist?

Q. What are the advantages of participating with Delta Dental?

Q. Do I have to join all of Delta Dental dentist networks?

Q. Is there a charge to join in any of your networks?

Q. If I am a participating Delta Dental provider, do I participate with all other Delta Dental member companies?

Q. Can I participate with only one of Delta Dental's groups?

Q. If I don't participate with Delta Dental, do my patients still have benefits?

Q. Am I required to notify Delta Dental of changes to my practice?

Q. Which Delta Dental network do I participate in?

Products and Services

Q. What is Delta Dental Premier?

Q. What is Delta Dental PPO?

Q. What is DeltaCare USA?

Q. Some of my patients are uninsured. Does Delta Dental offer individual dental insurance that I can suggest to them?

Patient Benefits and Eligibility

Q. How do I determine patient benefits and eligibility?

Q. How do I know which network(s) a patient has access to?

Q. I'm having trouble checking my patient's benefits and eligibility because he or she doesn't know their subscriber ID.

Q. My patient is covered under two dental plans. How is his/her coverage handled?

Claims and Payment

Q. Where do I mail my claims?

Q. What is the turnaround time for claims processing?

Q. How do participating dentists check the status of a claim?

Q. How can participating dentists sign up for direct deposit?

Q. Do I have to submit a claim form every month for orthodontic work?

Q. Can I bill the patient the difference between my fee and Delta Dental's maximum plan allowance?

Customer Service and Website

Q. When is Customer Service available to answer my questions?

Q. How do I register for an account on

Q. I forgot my username/password—Help!

Q. Which website should I use, or my local member company's website?