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November 2014

Delta Dental Donates $44 Million to Improve Nation’s Oral Health
Oral Health Education Needed

October 2014

5 Tricks for a Tooth-friendly Halloween

September 2014

Survey Finds Shortcomings in Americans’ Dental Health Habits

August 2014

Dental Visits a Good Habit to Start (Again)

July 2014

Clooney, Roberts Claim Celebrity 'Best Smile' Bragging Rights

June 2014

Survey Says: It's the Smile

May 2014

Going to the Dentist Linked with Overall Well-Being

March 2014

"March Mouthness" Provides Teaching Moments

February 2014

The Tooth Fairy Placed Higher Value on Teeth in 2013
How Many Dental X-Rays Do Your Kids Need?

December 2013

Five Holiday Treats that May Lead to Ho-Ho-Holes in Your Teeth
Putting Our Money Toward Our Mission

November 2013

Delta Dental Remains Atop Industry
The Silent Signs of Gum Disease

October 2013

Commercial Dental Benefits Enrollment Jumps Dramatically in 2012
Delta Dental Names Best and Worst Halloween Treats for Teeth
Floss—or it's Your Loss

September 2013

Dry Mouth and Older Adults

August 2013

Delta Dental's Digital Revolution

July 2013

Delta Dental Hires Jennifer Elliott to Lead Marketing

June 2013

Ignorance Not Blissful for Your Children's Oral Health

May 2013

Delta Dental's Dual Network Still the Biggest and Best
Don't Pass on Your Dentophobia

April 2013

Don't Bottle Up The Oral Health Benefits of Fluoridated Water

March 2013

Delta Dental Debuts myDentalScore

February 2013

The Tooth Fairy Loosened Her Purse Strings in 2012
Average Tooth Fairy Gift Posts Double-Digit Gains in 2012
New Survey from Delta Dental Finds Kids Need Brushing up on Oral Health

December 2012

Health Care Reform Leaves Adults without Dental Coverage
Delta Dental's Top 5 Oral Health Resolutions for 2013

November 2012

Delta Dental Launches Redesigned Website
Don't Beware the Dentist's Chair

October 2012

Halloween: A Dentist's Dilemma
Vote for Good Oral Hygiene
Don't Let Your Body's Natural Defenses Down

September 2012

Sealing a Smile Packs a Preventive Punch
Help Your Teeth Age Gracefully with You

August 2012

Make Dentist Visits the Rule for Back-to-School
Ring in the New School Year the Right Way

June 2012

Delta Dental Finds American Children Need to Brush More Often, Longer

May 2012

Delta Dental's Industry-Leading Status Affirmed by Latest Data
Before Your Due Date, Schedule a Date With Your Dentist's Office

April 2012

Delta Dental Encourages Major League Baseball to Quit the Spit (Tobacco)
You Booze, You Lose: Excessive Drinking Harms Oral Health
H2O: Oral Health Opportunity

February 2012

Top 7 Reasons Why a Baby's Oral Health Care Should Begin at Birth
Tooth Fairy Feeling Economic Crunch
Take it to Heart: Oral Health is Important

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